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Danger Without Intentions

Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Panel "DD/VIP"


This powerful & graphic audiovisual presentation has been recognized on both a National & State level as being an outstanding community educational program.  Program takes the audience on an emergency call providing a vivid look at actual DWI related crash scenes.  It provides a sense of being on location with Police, Firefighters, and Paramedics.  Listen as you ride along in the back of the ambulance & helicopter.  Hear an emotional story from an offender and/or actual survivor of a drunk driving collision that nearly took their life.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a choice, and for every choice there will be a consequence, some could deadly not only to you, but to friends, family and others on the highway.  

Some of the topics that are covered are as follows:
*    How this unique DWI Program started
*    Hear an EMS Fatality Call with pictures
*    Hear real speaker(s) tell their story
*    Jacqueline Saburido Burned in DWI Crash
*    Touching Memory Presentation of Victims
*    PSA on the Dangers of Texting while driving
*    Poignant & touching closing provides a lasting memory of the presentation
*    Latest Information on Laws
*    Question and Answer Session
*    Information on Choices & Consequences

Our statistics show that students who complete the Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Program are significantly less likely to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

This is 100% preventable!  If you drink or do drugs, simply DO NOT Get Behind the wheel of a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, etc.  Please think before you drink!



Check in Time: 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Program Time: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Giddings Probation Department
447 South Grimes Street
Giddings, Texas  78942



  $30.00 Court Ordered Registration Fee
  $ 0.00 Educational or attending as a guest
  $10.00 Rescheduling fee will apply after rescheduling more than 2 times.



Tuesday January 23, 2018 at Giddings Municipal Court, 118 E. Richmond Street, Giddings 77942
Monday February 12, 2018
Monday April 23, 2018
Monday June 11, 2018
Monday August 13, 2018
Thursday October 11, 2018









Contact Numbers:     Toll Free: (866) 893-2821 or  (512) 924-9637

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Email Address:          dwi@gvtc.com

Should you need a copy of your certificate, COST is $10 and you will need to either pay online or mail a money our to:

     Danger Without Intentions, 1207 Peach Creek Road, Waelder, Tx 78959

If mailing a money order, be sure the name of person that attended the program, their birth day, and what they got in trouble for as well as where you attended the program.





We have joined the National Safety Council to assist in their mission of saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads through education.

Danger Without Intentions
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AUSTIN held at:
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   Giddings Adult Probation

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Giddings Probation Department Building

Parking in front and on
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