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Danger Without Intentions
Choices and Consequences Program "CAC"


Choices and Consequences is a highly-effective three-hour course that serves as an overview for young adults to help them get a better understanding of of consequences of Life's Choices and Actions.   

Some of the topics that are covered are as follows:
*    Ramifications of getting into trouble
*    Legal issues and what we are seeing
*    Life with and without an Education
*    Job Opportunities and Life Goals
*    Dangers and effects of alcohol and drugs
*    Consequences of Sexting
*    Bullying issues and effects it has on others
*    Statistics from the effects of bad choices
*    Financial impact citations have on their future

Choices and Consequences was  developed by and offered by Danger Without Intentions. It is a 3 hour program, that focuses on the behaviors and decision-making patterns that young will be faced with, getting them to understand that for every choice there will be a consequences of which  could impact the future jobs, careers and goals.  It is designed to prevent the number students from dropping out of school.  Students who have completed the class report that CAC has given them a new understanding of how important school really is. 

Our statistics show that students who complete the Choices & Consequences Program are significantly less likely to skip school, or drop out of school.  The feedback we've received, shows that they even get a better understanding that they are the only ones that can change their behavior, thereby changing their own future.   Good choices bring positive consequences.   Give  young adults the power to make good choices by understanding the consequences of their choices.


Check in Time: 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Program Time: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Travis County Precinct 2
Justice of the Peace
2nd Floor Waiting Room #2134a
10409 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758



  $30.00 Court Ordered Registration Fee
  $ 0.00 Educational or attending as a guest
  $10.00  Rescheduling fee will apply after rescheduling more than 2 times.



Thursday January 11, 2018
Monday March 12, 2018
Monday May 14, 2018
Monday July 9, 2018
Monday September 10, 2018
Tuesday October 9, 2018
NO CLASS November or December 2018









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Email Address:          dwi@gvtc.com

Should you need a copy of your certificate, COST is $10 and you will need to either pay online or mail a money our to:

     Danger Without Intentions, 1207 Peach Creek Road, Waelder, Tx 78959

If mailing a money order, be sure the name of person that attended the program, their birth day, and what they got in trouble for as well as where you attended the program.





We have joined the National Safety Council to assist in their mission of saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads through education.

Danger Without Intentions
ALIVE at 25 4th Edition  LOCATIONS: 

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AUSTIN held at:
   Travis County Precinct 2   

BURNET held at
   Burnet County Annex

GIDDINGS held at
   Giddings Adult Probation

WACO held at
   Holiday Inn & Suites South

held a

ld at
   City of Richwood City Hall

For additional information you can go to the National Safety Council website

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Travis County JP Precinct 2
Entrance into parking area

Following signs to back left corner.  Two Story Brick building with Flag Poles

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