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History of Danger Without Intentions


Danger Without Intentions was incorporated December, 1999, by Guy Benson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the organization, and partner Deborah Parsons, Assistant CEO.  The mission and purpose of DWI has been to "Educate and Safe Lives" by providing "Prevention thru Intervention."  This organization was developed due to a near death crash that occurred on December 15, 1999, and as they walked away from the incident a decision was made that very night to begin on a quest to make a difference in this ever growing problem.  Their efforts have increased public awareness through the 2,557 programs provided concerning the problems of driving under the influence and has touched over 750,000 lives

After much consideration and the desire to increase their efforts in getting the the message out to our youth and communities, they have partnered with many outstanding individuals and agencies such as the National Safety Council and the Texas Education Agency to assist in saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads through educational awareness programs like the Alive at 25 Young Drivers Program. 



Found and CEO of Danger Without Intentions

*  Guy Benson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer    (View Bio)
*   Deborah Parsons, Co-Founder & Assistant Chief Executive Officer  (View Bio)

Board of Directors:
*   Guy Benson
  Deborah Parsons
  John Thomson

Alive at 25 - Texas State Certified Instructors and Administrator
Deborah Parsons, Instructor #2029 and Administrator
Guy Benson, Instructor #7792

Our statistics show that participants who complete the Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Program are significantly less likely to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a choice, and for every choice there will be a consequence, some could be deadly not only to you, but to friends, family and others on the highway.

This is 100% preventable!  If you drink or do drugs, simply DO NOT Get Behind the wheel of a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, etc.  Please think before you drink!

Choices and Consequences is a highly-effective three-hour course that serves as an overview for young adults to help them get a better understanding of the consequences of Life's Choices and Actions.

It is a 3 hour program, that focuses on the behaviors & decision-making patterns that young will be faced with, getting them to understand that for every choice there will be a consequences of which  could impact the future jobs, careers and goals.  It is designed to prevent the number students from dropping out of school.  Students who have completed the class report that CAC has given them a new understanding of how important school really is.



    MADD Award




We have joined the National Safety Council to assist in their mission of saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads through education.

Danger Without Intentions
ALIVE at 25 4th Edition  LOCATIONS: 

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AUSTIN held at:
   Travis County Precinct 2   

BURNET held at
   Burnet County Annex

GIDDINGS held at
   Giddings Adult Probation

WACO held at
   Holiday Inn & Suites South

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For additional information you can go to the National Safety Council website

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