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Danger Without Intentions is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to protecting our youth and adults through a multitude of dynamic safety education and motivational programs.  Our organization is committed to providing continuing support and education to assist in reducing injuries and loss of life of our children and families due to alcohol & drug usage, peer pressure, and our goal is to empower young drivers to adopt safer driving habits and reduce injury and death among Texas' young drivers.

Traffic crashes are the #1 killer of teens

Every year, young drivers are involved in more than six million collisions, resulting in 14,000 fatalities.

Although young drivers only represent 13% of all licensed drivers, they cause 28% of all traffic crashes and 24% of all fatal crashes. By understanding the risks and hazards a teen driver faces while behind the wheel, teens and their parents can work together to keep them safe.

Slogan / Motto
*   Prevention Through Intervention
*   "Our Goal is to Education and Save Lives"

Programs Offered by Danger Without Intentions:
 Alive at 25 4th Edition Young Drivers Programs - State Certified Class
*   Choices & Consequences
*   Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Panel
*   Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program for Schools, Colleges, Conferences, and agencies
*   Boating & Water Information Programs
*   Crash Car Display, Boating Display and Static Table Displays
*   Seat Belt and Radar Speed Check Program
*   Fund Raiser Opportunities offered with most of our programs. 
     Ask how our programs can assist you.

Our statistics show that participants who complete the Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Program are significantly less likely to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a choice, and for every choice there will be a consequence, some could be deadly not only to you, but to friends, family and others on the highway.

This is 100% preventable!  If you drink or do drugs, simply DO NOT Get Behind the wheel of a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, etc.  Please think before you drink!

Choices and Consequences is a highly-effective three-hour course that serves as an overview for young adults to help them get a better understanding of the consequences of Life's Choices and Actions.

It is a 3 hour program, that focuses on the behaviors & decision-making patterns that young will be faced with, getting them to understand that for every choice there will be a consequences of which  could impact the future jobs, careers and goals.  It is designed to prevent the number students from dropping out of school.  Students who have completed the class report that CAC has given them a new understanding of how important school really is





We have joined the National Safety Council to assist in their mission of saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths on the roads through education.

Danger Without Intentions
ALIVE at 25 4th Edition  LOCATIONS: 

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the our Alive at 25 class.

Alive at 25 Classes are Limited
to 20 Participants Per Class!

AUSTIN held at:
   Travis County Precinct 2   

BURNET held at
   Burnet County Annex

GIDDINGS held at
   Giddings Adult Probation

WACO held at
   Holiday Inn & Suites South

held a

For additional information you can go to the National Safety Council website

Alive @ 25 Certificate:
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